RTB Exchange

A Private Marketplace.

  • Connects multiple demand and supply sources to create optimal trading relationships.

  • Normalize the supply into a single stream across display, banner and video.

  • Leverage proprietary algorithms to generate highly optimized bid requests.

  • RTBPlatform supports Open RTB 2.4, regular IAB tags, VAST and VPaid tags.


Video / VAST

Choose from different Ad formats to captivate audience attention.

RTBplatform provides access to direct and programmatic demand and supply across the globe. Ads are VAST and VPAID compliant (IAB standards)
An online video commercial that appears prior to an online video. Typically 15 seconds or less.
A Video delivered as part of the display ad creative without the use of a Video player.
Companion Ads
Companion ads are displayed near the video player and stay visible after the video has played.
Outstream Ad Units
Non interactive embedded video


Flexible Terms

Competitive payment terms with no minimums.

Premium Service

Dedicated account team focused on building quality partnerships.

Fast & Intuitive Platform

Actionable data analytics and robust reporting for buyers.

Quality Assurance

Fraud, viewability and transparency technology ensures only quality impressions.

Highly Engaged Audiences

High traffic quality delivers campaign performance with detailed pre and post-bid analytics.

Rapid Growth of Supply

One of the fastest growing video supply sources with a focus on direct and large player inventory.
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Activate RTBplatform and get more money from the same traffic. We provide the best value by analysing every impression and identifying what will pay most on your audience. This delivers maximum profit to you!

Cross Platform

We work with SSP and Apps that support OpenRTB 2.4.  We also provide tags for your Video Player and Website.


With a globally distributed network your queries are always handled immediately with no time-outs!

No Minimum Threshold

Flexible payments with no minimum threshold and personalized attention.

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